Thanks to advances in medical technology, we’re all living longer than ever before. That means we’re all going to spend more time in retirement, making superannuation and retirement planning more important than ever before.

We help our clients to achieve goals throughout their working lives meaning that they will be able to afford to live the lifestyle they want when they retire.


When should/can I retire?
How much money will I have?
How much money will I need?
Do I have other resources to consider?
What do I want to do in retirement?
Am I eligible for Centrelink benefits?
Should I downsize?

These are all questions that we can answer so that you can retire with peace of mind.


Effective estate planning advice can help you to cater for both your own needs and ensure your hard-earned wealth is transferred tax effectively to your beneficiaries.

Simply writing a will or appointing a Power of Attorney just isn’t enough. Careful and regular planning is required to ensure the best outcomes for everyone involved.


Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF) allow you to take control of how your retirement funds are invested. They are an increasingly popular vehicle for our clients looking to invest in alternative assets such as direct property, unlisted assets and private equity.

We can guide you on SMSF investment advice, set-up, ongoing management, and legal compliance


Insurance is a crucial risk management strategy in financial planning. Protecting your hard-earned wealth is just as important as creating and growing it.

We can advise you on all your personal and business insurance needs, including life, income protection, key person, business expenses, trauma, and total and permanent disablement.


We can help you to develop an investment portfolio that considers your income and capital growth goals, while considering your tolerance to investment risk.

We’ll advise you on the most appropriate investment types and structures for your individual financial situation.

Centrelink Assistance

Sandridge Private Wealth can assist you in determining your eligibility for Centrelink benefits and help you in understanding the paperwork required.

For an in-depth, personal approach to your wealth management and financial planning.

Appointment by referral only